Great people
do great work.

We think you should
enjoy the experience.

Our job? Make you look good.

This page isn’t really about us. (Sorry for the misleading title.) It’s about you. How do we make you successful? It starts with taking the time to listen. We want to hear your objectives, what you need and when you need it. From here, we can develop a custom plan, offer up some things you might not have considered, and introduce you to the smart, intelligent and attractive DRIVE team members you’ll be working with.

Your partner for the long haul.

Different backgrounds make for a different kind of partnership (the really good kind). Our team of designers, animators, creators, organizers, and thinkers is here to make you look good. We live & breathe this stuff and it shows. At the same time, we like to have fun. Spend any time with us and we’ll probably invite you to grab a delicious craft beer or pour-over coffee. (This is Portland, after all.) We value long-term relationships and want you to enjoy working with us. Hey, if you’re not having fun, what are you doing?

Eric Weckert Founder and CEO

Eric Weckert

Founder & CEO

Todd Shigeno Sales Accounts

Todd Shigeno


Kevin Haselwander Sales Accounts

Kevin Haselwander

National Account Manager

Rachel Lotz Accounts

Rachel Lotz

Account Manager

Tom Briggs Creative Copy

Tom Briggs


Sean Saul Creative Motion

Sean Saul

Motion Director

Daniel Bueno Creative Motion

Daniel Bueno

3D Animator

Andrew McGinley Creative Design

Andrew McGinley

Graphic Designer