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Cross-medium storytelling
A great brand story is always evolving.

Integrated branding

Nike - #GameOn


Kids love to play and kids are the future. It logically follows that kids are the future of sports. This is the premise of this short video Drive produced for Nike. Built using a compilation of existing ‘youth in sports’ clips, Drive helped breathe Nike’s distinctive brand style into a video that served to kick off Nike’s Spring 2017 lineup in style. It’s amazing what kids these days can do…but with all this sweet gear from Nike, it’s no wonder.

Brand marketing

HOWL Supply

Website / Identity

Howl is a group of snowboarders making outdoor gear with fellow boarders in mind. Built on the values of teamwork and giving back, all of us at Drive resonated with this committed team united in their desire to make something great. To support their efforts, Drive helped Howl redesign their logo and website. We did, however, pass up their invitation to join them in celebration by throwing a corked backflip 1080.

Product marketing

KEEN Utility - Rugged Ride Sweepstakes

Video / Sweepstakes / Website / Development

When Keen Utilty wanted to raise awareness of their Tacoma Line of boots, Drive stepped up with an integrated sweepstakes experience that featured a Toyota Tacoma giveaway. We created an in-store and digital experience that connected consumers who resonated with their “Rugged” side. This campaign was very successful at incentivizing stores to carry the boot and had a wide reach through social sharing and media buys.

Creative agency

Intel - Replay


Oftentimes, visuals tell the story better than words ever can. Intel - in collaboration with Replay Technologies - approached Drive requesting a “sizzle” video to build excitement around a revolutionary new way to interact with sports footage. If space and time had a baby, this would be the result. The video delivered - crossing language barriers and dropping the jaws of OEM partners worldwide.

Creative agency

Intel Immersive Shopping


Created for Intel’s User Experience (UX) group, this video showed how technology is poised to completely change the way we shop. Drive worked with the Intel UX team to show and tell how a “try at home before you buy” experience gives you a better idea of how that blue dress will really look before you click “Buy”. We’re all getting a bit tired of the whole “Package it up, Print return label, Tape it all up, Drive to the UPS Store drop box” thing, right? Is it overstating things to say that Intel is totally changing ecommerce? We don’t think so.

Playful - Lucky’s Tale (Oculus)


With the breakout success of virtual reality (VR), the emerging wave of new games and experiences is undeniable. (Seriously, have you tried Oculus Rift yet? Life changing.) In this interview, Drive spoke with Paul Bettner about Lucky’s Tale - his new game available exclusively on Oculus Rift.

As CEO of Playful (and co-creator of ‘Words with Friends’), Paul knows a thing or two about super addictive, cutting-edge gameplay. The final video combined B-roll and traditional interview footage to deliver a compelling narrative. Debuting at PAX Prime (ask any gamer, it’s a really big deal), the final product felt more like a story and less like an interview.

Integrated branding

Vision Plastics - Rebrand

Branding / Website / Identity / Video

Vision Plastics approached Drive needing to elaborate on their new “Imagine More” tagline and brand narrative. With innovative knowledge, technologies and capabilities backed by exceptional people, Vision Plastics had all the elements of a great story, all we had to do was bring it out and set them apart from the competition.

Thanks to their new look, Vision Plastics became more competitive in both national and international markets. Equipped with a logo that put a welcoming face to their name, Vision Plastics can confidently go forth and seek out their ideal customers, build long-term successes and forge lasting relationships. All in a day’s work here at Drive.

Creative agency

HouseHappy - Trax


Sometimes all you need to make your business shine is a short animation explaining how you do what you do. HouseHappy’s app makes painting your house or servicing your furnace as simple as ordering a Domino’s pizza. With a potential audience of millions of homeowners, this was a story Drive could tell.

Beginning with a playful and established brand, our motion graphic specialists built original characters to match HouseHappy’s fun, eye-catching style. Combined with upbeat music, the final product revealed a whole new way to keep tabs on your biggest investment - pizza optional.